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ACU-Drop® I

New dropper bottle featuring a dropper tip and hinged cap all in one piece.

ACU-Drop® II

Award winning dual chamber packaging device.


The definitive QC for the HemoCue® Albumin 201 Systems.

Ampoule Snapper

A safe and easy way to open glass ampoules.

Calibration Verification Fluids (with BUN)

The complete Linearity Verification Material (LVM) for the epoc® Blood Analysis System with BUN.

CueSee® AmmoniaPT

Excellent Ammonia Quality Control for Proficiency Testing (PT) of blood ammonia instruments.

CueSee® CoagPT

Convenient and safe quality control for PT/INR with real coagulation factors, ideal for Proficiency Testing (PT).

PromoCueSee® CO-OX

All-in-one control for all CO-oximeters.


Unique quality control for CO-oximeters with real hemoglobin derivatives for Proficiency Testing (PT).

CueSee® GAS-ISE ProteinPT

Unique protein based control for BGEM.


All analytes for blood gases, electrolytes and metabolites.

CueSee® Glucose EQAS

Revolutionary whole blood glucose quality control that is compatible with all blood glucose meters.

CueSee® GlucosePT

A widely used quality control for proficiency testing of glucose meters.

PromoCueSee® Glucose WBPT

The ultimate quality control for Proficiency Testing (PT) of glucose meters.

CueSee® HbA1c

Quality control based on real human hemoglobin.

CueSee® HbA1cPT

CueSee® HbA1cPT is the ultimate quality control for proficiency testing of HbA1c instruments.

CueSee® Hemoglobin EQAS

Brief description for CueSee® Hemoglobin EQAS.

CueSee® HemoxiTrolPT

Lyophilized hemoglobin control for CO-oximetry.

PromoCueSee® Hyperbaric

For validation of extremely high pO2 blood gas measurements.

PromoCueSee® Hypoxic

For validation of extremely low pO2 blood gas measurements.

CueSee® Mix

Revolutionizing the reconstitution of quality controls.

CueSee® Ringe

The future of blood gas controls.

CueSee® tHbPT

Real hemoglobin control for point-of-care (POC) hemoglobin analysers.

PromoCueSee VeriSTAT® LVM

The original all-in-one LVM for Abbott i-STAT® analyzers.

PromoCueSee VeriSTAT® QC

The original all-in-one QC for Abbott i-STAT® analyzers.

epoc® Hematocrit Verification Fluids

The Hct Linearity Verification Material (LVM) for the epoc® Blood Analysis System.

GAS-ISE Metabolites (with BUN)

The complete quality control for the epoc® Blood Analysis System including BUN.


Unique linearity verification material for all HemoCue Glucose Systems.


Most convenient control for HemoCue® glucose analyzers.


Blood-like glucose control for HemoCue® analyzers.

Hb 301

Superior hemoglobin control for HemoCue® Hb301.

Hct Control

The Hct quality control for the epoc® Blood Analysis System.


Superior LVM for HemoCue hemoglobin systems.

PromoHemotrol Duo

Hemoglobin QC for HemoCue® Hb301 and Hb801.


Most used control for

HemoCue® B-Hemoglobin and Hb 201.

HemoTrol® WBPT

Whole blood QC for HemoCue® Hb301 and Hb801.

ICSH HiCN Standard

Global reference material for hemoglobin.

Plasma Low Hb

Unique control for Hemocue® Plasma Low Hb.