CueSee® Glucose EQAS

Revolutionary whole blood glucose quality control that is compatible with all blood glucose meters.


Validate the accuracy and precision of your blood glucose meters with CueSee® Glucose EQAS, a revolutionary whole blood glucose quality control that is compatible with all blood glucose meters, and provides blood-like results. The innovative CueSee® Glucose EQAS is delivered in an ACU-Drop® II, a two compartment packaging form, in which one compartment contains plasma with glucose and the other compartment contains fresh packed red blood cells. Just before use, the two compartments are mixed to obtain a more blood-like sample. This packaging concept requires no need for additives or stabilizers that may cause matrix effects on the glucose reading, thereby providing more blood like results. CueSee® Glucose EQAS is a yearly service during which we ship every month a CueSee® Glucose EQAS sample with a unique glucose concentration in a physiologically relevant range. Each lab should establish its own results within two weeks and report them at CueSee® Online to obtain reports with peer group analysis.

Intended Use

CueSee Glucose® EQAS is an External Quality Assessment Scheme intended for professional use in the verification of the precision and accuracy of blood glucose meters (BGMs).


Storage Temperature
ACU-Drop® II
3.5 ± 0.1 mL
1 per Box
Unopened 2 - 8 °C
Opened N/A
Unopened 56 days
Opened N/A



Intro CueSee® Glucose WB
CueSee® Glucose WB
ACU-Drop® II
CueSee® Online


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1 ACU-Drop® II / Box
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