CueSee® Ringe

The future of blood gas controls.


CueSee® Ringe is an innovative, patented packaging concept that will modernize the in vitro diagnostics market. A special glass ampoule is sealed inside the CueSee® Ringe device. This ampoule breaks with a simple turning motion without the risk of cutting fingers on glass particles or coming into contact with the liquid. After this activation step, the CueSee® Ringe functions identically to a standard syringe. The liquid inside the ampoule is not deteriorated by environmental contamination, which reduces pre-analytical errors. This concept is ideal for solutions typically stored in ampules for quality control, calibration verification, proficiency testing, competency assessment, method validations, and lot comparisons.

Intended Use

Packaging concept for In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) solutions.


Storage Temperature
Unopened N/A
Opened N/A
Unopened N/A
Opened N/A



CueSee VeriSTAT® Preparation
CueSee® Ringe
CueSee® Ringe winner Packaging Award


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