Product Development Leader

Ede, The Netherlands

Product Development Leader
Ede, The Netherlands
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Product Development Leader


Enthusiastic Product Development Leader, listen up!

On our ‘most wanted’ New Colleagues list we have a wonderful new position available in our Product Development department.

And you’ll never guess, but it has your name on it! Your name is in bold letters if you completed a relevant Higher Professional Education or University; you love working as part of a team; and you have relevant work experience in an ISO 13485 regulated environment (for instance  a diagnostic/pharmaceutical company).


Did we trigger your interest for this great job opportunity here at Eurotrol? Please read on.


The Gold Standard in quality control liquids
Eurotrol? Yes, Eurotrol. If you haven’t heard of us, you probably don’t work in the field of diagnostic blood tests… at least not yet. So, no problem.

We are a medium-sized company; and we literally focus on quality rather than quantity. We make quality control liquids for medical devices in hospitals. You can consider us the Gold Standard in terms of innovation in the field of blood sample validation.


Over the years we have developed more than 400 different – often unique – products for international diagnostics companies, external quality control organizations and hospital laboratories. Our products are currently being used in more than 80 countries.


As our new Product Development Leader, you’ll be a valuable member of our Ede team, supporting our highly innovative workforce of around 50 employees in The Netherlands and the United States of America.


Most valuable asset
It’s cliché to say it, yet we wouldn’t be where we are now without our motivated and dedicated staff. Our success depends on our staff being closely involved in decision-making at all levels of our operation. These decisions play a vital role in ensuring that patients across the world receive the quality of treatment they need. It’s work that makes a difference to people’s lives, and yes, this is the workforce that you could be part of.


Are you the Product Development Leader that completes our team?
Our Product Development department initiate and schedules product changes. Our team is enthusiastic, highly motivated, self-disciplined and well organized. We have strong oral and written communication skills in English and Dutch. No matter what your personality type is, you will blend in. 

Some of the tasks you’ll be responsible for include: Development of new products, including the following activities:

  • Lead product validation studies (writing plans, managing the execution of these studies and reporting the results) 
  • Determine the content of product labeling (packaging labels, Certificate of Analysis, Instructions for Use) conform product characteristics, legal and regulatory requirements 
  • Lead the implementation of new product packaging formats.
  • Inform customers regarding product changes and receive approval
  • Lead changes to product packaging and labeling
  • Lead changes to the product technical file based on CAPA / NCR (including for instance product and process specifications, risk management, etc.) 
  • Lead software validation (of software used in labeling and product quality control);   

If this sounds good, we'd like to know if you also bring following to the table:

  • Good command of Dutch and English languages; and the following skills:

  • A quality-conscious, accurate and analytical approach to tasks;

  • An independent but cooperative work-ethic and a sense of responsibility and leadership; and

  • A positive critical and communicative attitude towards work.


If you feel your name is still written on this fabulous role after reading all of this, then let’s agree now that you send us your application – CV and motivation letter. You can do this by mail to:


Mrs. M. Plate

Postbus 722

6710 BS Ede


Or by e-mail to:




If you have any questions that you would like to see answered first, you can always give us a call on: 0318-695777.


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