Laboratorium Analist

Ede, The Netherlands

Laboratorium Analist
Ede, The Netherlands

In with the new: Enthusiastic Laboratory Analyst!

Ede, The Netherlands



Hi there, laboratory analyst!

Is looking for a new job in the new year on your list of New Year’s resolutions? Are you willing to roll up your sleeves? Are you a team player? Wonderful! We may just have the perfect role for you here with us at Eurotrol.


The Gold Standard in quality control liquids
Eurotrol? Yes, Eurotrol. Wait what? If you haven’t heard of us, you probably don’t work in the field of diagnostic blood tests… at least not yet. So, no problem.
We are not a huge company; and we literally focus on quality, rather than quantity. We make quality control liquids for medicine and the life sciences. You can consider us the Gold Standard  in terms of innovation in the field of blood sample validation.

Over the years we have developed more than 400 different, often unique, products for international diagnostics companies, external quality control organizations and hospital laboratories. Our products are currently being used in more than 80 countries.

As our new laboratory analyst, you’ll be a core part of our highly innovative workforce of around 50 employees across our facilities in The Netherlands and the Unites States of America.


Most valuable asset
It’s cliché to say it, yet we wouldn’t be where we are now without our motivated and dedicated staff. Our success depends on our staff being involved in decision-making at all levels of our operation. These decisions  play a vital role in ensuring that patients across the world receive the quality of treatment they need. it’s work that makes a difference to people’s lives, and yes, this is the  workforce that you could be part of.

Are you the medical / biological / chemical analyst that completes our team?

Our Liquids Preparation department is involved in the production of exceptionally pure, quality control liquids for diagnostic tests. This is a serious business, as it should be. But your future colleagues are both a dedicated and amusing bunch, so success – AND fun – is guaranteed. As a member of our team you’ll have a varied work load and lots of autonomy. Some of the tasks you’ll be responsible for include:

  • Preparing production batches;
  • Purifying various components from bovine blood;
  • Performing in-process controls with (clinical) chemical analysis methods;
  • Process monitoring and optimization; and
  • Working-with and drafting Standard Operating Procedure.


After reading this you can’t wait to join our team and possibly become a ‘cow boy or girl’ as well 😉 (watch our video!)? Wonderful! Then we’d also like to know if you will bring along the following:

  • Relevant MBO or MLO training in biochemistry or clinical chemistry;
  • Experience in a production environment, preferably in diagnostic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food industries; and
  • Good command of Dutch and English languages.

You know what they say about waiting to start with your New Year’s resolutions until it’s 1 January? They say it’s procrastination. And as you know: procrastination is the thief of time.

We really wouldn’t want you to miss out on this great opportunity to work with us in 2020. So don’t put your application off any longer. Send us your resume and make sure that this New Year’s resolution actually comes true! And make us all happy.