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What is CueSee® Online?
An interactive website tool, developed to assess the performance (accuracy and precision) of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products. The CueSee® website can be used to collect data from various laboratories around the world. From these results, online summary reports can be obtained. The product offers a high degree of customer flexibility, ease of navigation, secure access and is provided with extensive technical support. One of the very powerful features is that each program can be customized to the organization's own corporate identity.

  • Select page settings to design your own corporate identity.
  • Multilingual to define your own translations
  • Query tool - Easy Excel save function for data
  • Upload archived data from your old system
  • Connectivity with IVD instruments
  • E-mail / FAQ / News / Articles / Help text


Standard reports include:
  • Histogram
  • Levey Jennings
  • Bland Altman
  • Youden Plot


Customised reports include:
  • Ranked scored / League tables
  • Annual reports / Group reports
  • Qualitative reports
  • Mail merge letters and reports
  • Performance surveillance reports


Who can use it?
This tool is aimed at
  • laboratories collating Internal and External (QC) data.
  • organisers of External Quality Assessment Schemes (EQAS).
  • commercial organisations that manufacture, distribute or utilise IVD products, such as diagnostic instruments and Quality Control (QC) materials.
A number of major International and European organisations within Laboratory Medicine already using this product are listed at our Customers CueSee® Online.

How can I register for CueSee?
Please contact Eurotrol who is the exclusive provider of CueSee product licenses.

Also, if you wish to participate in one of the existing programmes, you can register directly with the current Customers CueSee® Online.

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